Hands on.

Power on.
Let's lead the charge together.

Power2Serve Program:
NRG responds to major power outages.

When severe weather leads to power outages, our communities are disrupted and everyone feels the impact. As the nation’s largest competitive electricity generator, NRG can provide temporary power for those in need by rolling in our mobile power vehicle, Power2Serve.

As a power producer, we are determined to provide hands on support to the public at all times – especially following power outages and other emergencies. Superstorm Sandy hit close to home for many of us, and it compelled us to take action as a corporate citizen. The 26-foot-long truck, equipped with solar and diesel generators and a custom canopy, is there for you.

At the Power2Serve Program, we will:

  • Create an environment at our transportable climate-controlled pavilion, where the public can gather to charge electronics, access Wi-Fi, stay up-to-date on the news and more.
  • Deploy 40 kW of diesel and solar electric generators to power operations, lighting in the pavilion and a heavy extension cord to emergency management centers.
  • Organize Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) to provide first-hand disaster relief from our three regional teams in California, New Jersey and Texas.
  • Collaborate with FEMA and states to be available to respond.

A Fortune 500 company, we supply enough energy to power nearly 40 million homes. But our 47,000 MW of generation capacity doesn't mean much if we’re not there for you when you need it most. Requested and ordered through your local federal or state government agency, the Power2Serve Program provides reliable power, and that's what we're here for. For you.

To join your fellow community leaders and learn more about how NRG can support first responders by providing critical power to storm victims, email christine.walker@nrgenergy.com.